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Namo Thassa Bagavatho Arahatho
Samma Sambuddassa

"Sukho Buddhanan Uppado
Sukha Saddamma Desana
Sukha Sangassa Samaggi
Samagganan Thapo Sukho"

    I welcome you to the official web site of International Buddhist Center. My effort is to teach the valuable Dhamma of Lord Buddha to the world. I have taken part in Buddhist Missionary Programs in USA, UK, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and Middle East.  I have also pioneered the establishment of IBC Meditation Centers in Matugama Sri Lanka, Alaska USA and I am expecting to open Buddhist Centers (temples) Canada in near future.  It is my expectation to establish IBC Centers around the world as many as he could to spread the words of peace during his life span. Untill then this website is going to be my direct link to you all.
Ven. Matugama Mahanama Thero
Special Project

135 feet tall Buddha Statue

    This is a special project to construct a replica of the world famouse "Aukana" Buddha Statue of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Date of commencement of construction is 23/04/2013 and planned to be completed by 2014 Vesak full moon poya day. The inaugural ceremony of commencing construction is held by the participation of Former president HE Madame Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunga.

Proposed Projects
  • Construction of Standing Buhha Statue
  • Construction of “Walakulu Bemma” & “Mal Aasanaya
  • Construction of “Bhodi Prakaraya”
  • Re-construction of Preaching Hall
  • Landscaping Works

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Replica of proposed Buddha Statue
Proposed Construction Site
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